Overcoming Substance Use Disorders

We have a highly trained team that consists of Peer Recovery Specialists and Recovery Support Coordinators that are here to assist you in connecting to a network of treatment facilities, accessing services and reducing barriers that are holding you back on your journey to overcome your substance use disorder.

Our team has lived experience and understands the stigmas around Substance Use Disorders. They help break through these stigmas by providing a safe space for those seeking support, treatment and connection.

We’re here to help

The opposite of addiction is connection

You aren’t alone on your recovery journey. Connect with our team in Routt or Moffat County for support.

They can help you:

  • Assess your needs and help enroll you in a treatment program that is right for you
  • Connect you to existing local resources
  • Assist you in scheduling appointments, follow-up care, referrals, medication refills, etc.

We provide support services for individuals interested in treatment options and/or in need of recovery support through individual, community, and workplace opportunities.


Individual Support

Free One-on-One Peer Recovery Coaching
Peer Recovery Coaches walk side by side with individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders. They help people to create their own recovery plans and develop their own recovery pathways. Peer Recovery Coaches also provide connection to a network of treatment facilities and local resources and support to reduce barriers that hold individuals back on their journey to overcome substance use disorder.
Contact Nele or fill out our “request for services” form below.

Community Support

Free Clean and Sober Events
Fun community-based activities for those in recovery, loved ones supporting those in recovery, the sober curious or those choosing a sober lifestyle.
Visit our Clean & Sober Facebook pages for upcoming events:

Free All-Recovery Meetings
Anonymous non-12 step group that supports recovery from addiction to any type of substance. Anonymous location.
Contact Nele for more information.

Free Women’s Wellness in Recovery Meetings
Anonymous access to support in a group setting, resources, and wellness. This is open to any women affected by, in active use or in recovery from substance abuse.
Contact Nele for more information.

Workplace Support

Recover Friendly Workplace Initiative
Training and support for businesses and other organizations with interest in becoming a recovery friendly workplace. This program is being introduced in the Yampa Valley with hopes that it will become a statewide initiative.
To learn more, view the Colorado Recovery Friendly Workplace Toolkit, or contact Nele and look for upcoming local Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative trainings.

Local Progress

We are happy to report that at the end of 2023, we now have 6+ local businesses engaged in the Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative. This is thanks to the financial support of The Steadman Group and RAS-COL.



Nele Cashmore (Moffat Peer)
(970) 875-6662

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