Promoting well-being and fostering a culture of recovery and support in workplaces across the Yampa Valley.


Compassion • Inclusivity • Empowerment • Collaboration• Education  • Resilience • Integrity

We’re in this together as a business and nonprofit community. As an employer, here’s what you can do:

Start by educating yourself...
Start by educating yourself...

What is a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

A Recovery Friendly Workplace (RFW) is a business or organization that uses evidence-based policies and practices to unite the entire organization by recognizing recovery from addiction as a strength and by being willing to work intentionally with people in recovery. RFWs encourage a healthy, safe, and productive work environment where employers, employees, and communities can collaborate to create positive change and eliminate barriers for those impacted by addiction.


Understand the benefits...
Understand the benefits...

Why become a Recovery Friendly Workplace?

There are many reasons to become a RFW. It saves your business/organization money and invests in employees.

  1. In 2020, substance use cost U.S. employers and taxpayers $696 billion in absenteeism, low productivity, and healthcare costs. Use this cost calculator to factor in how much money your business can save when you become a Recovery Friendly Workplace.
  2. Attract and retain loyal and trustworthy employees.


Take action...
Take action...

How to become a RFW in the Yampa Valley?

The Health Partnership has created a road map to show you just how easy it is to become a recovery friendly workplace. Think of The Health Partnership as your guide, making sure your questions are answered, connecting you with resources, and checking in to ensure long-term success.

Show you are ready...
Show you are ready...

Take the Pledge!

Pledge to make YOUR workplace recovery friendly below.
Please note The Health Partnership as the referring organization.

Become a RFW...
Become a RFW...

Attend our virtual events!

Join our Zoom to learn all the benefits, then an in-person assessment presented by the Center for Health, Work & Environment

1. Attend FREE Zoom educational webinar:

Virtual Recovery Friendly Workplace Educational Webinar

Join us for this virtual event:

This event has passed, but you can watch the video to accomplish this milestone. Contact Nele for more information.

2. Attend FREE in-person assessment:

must have completed educational Zoom or comparable RFW educational seminar

Steamboat Springs Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative Assessment Lab

Your appointment will be scheduled after completing the educational Zoom.

YOU can save a life!

Call 988 for round-the-clock support

Overdose is preventable

Get connected with a Peer Recovery Specialist or a Care Coordinator at The Health Partnership

Once you’ve taken the pledge AND the mental health assessment, you will receive window clings for recognition of being a Recovery Friendly Workplace.


Additional Questions?


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