Finding Health Insurance: Health Coverage Guide

We know it isn’t easy to understand health care coverage. The Health Partnership can help you navigate the following:

  • Connect you with agencies that can help you sign up for health insurance enrollment
  • Answer your health insurance questions
  • Understand your needs and advocate to help change policies and make insurance more affordable in Northwest Colorado

For assistance, contact or call 970-875-3630 Ext. 105


 Financial Help

  • Coloradans receiving financial help protected their health and finances with health insurance for only $136 per month on average.
  • Customers who qualify for financial help are saving an average of 80% of their monthly premiums.
  • Depending on your income and family size, you may qualify for Premium Tax Credits and Cost-Sharing Reductions to lower your monthly health insurance costs.
  • If you qualify for Premium Tax Credits and have low to moderate income, you may also qualify for additional savings in the form of Cost-Sharing Reductions. Cost-Sharing Reductions are subsidies designed to lower the amount you pay when you receive care by reducing the out-of-pocket costs such as co pays, deductibles and coinsurance of covered healthcare services, as well as the out-of-pocket maximum. You just qualify AND purchase a Silver level plan to take advantage of these savings.

Importance of Shopping

  • Plans and prices change each year. Even if you are happy with your plan, we recommend you review what’s available to make sure you are still getting the best plan at the best price for your health and financial needs.
  • An analysis of 2019 plans shows that if you switch to he lowest-cost plan available in your current coverage level (or metal tier), you can reduce your premium by an average of 50%.
  • It pays to shop! Plans and prices change every year. Make sure you are getting the best plan at the best price for your health and financial needs.

 The Value of Insurance

  • Plans The average cost of a 3-day hospital stay without insurance is $30,000.
  • Connect for Health Colorado offers a broad range of comprehensive health insurance and dental plans – all of which include free  preventive services and coverage for preexisting conditions.
  • Premium alone should not be your only consideration when choosing a plan. You should factor in out-of-pocket costs such as copays, deductibles and prescriptions, as those will affect what you pay for care through the course of the year. You may pay less each month but owe more when you need care.


 Areas We Serve

We serve people and groups in five counties in Northwest Colorado. Click your county to connect with help.

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