Community Networks

The Community Impact Program focuses on increasing health equity across the Yampa Valley. We do this through strengthening relationships with partner organizations, participating in community wide committees and through the projects included below:

  • Partnering with healthcare agencies to complete the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA)
  • Facilitating the Cost Of Poverty Experience (COPE)
  • Convening the Yampa Valley Well Being Consortium
  • Providing provider partnership
  • Supporting the Regional Health Connector (RHC)

How We Connect Local Agencies and Providers

Our organization primarily acts as the resource and referral hub between agencies, providers and individuals that offer health and well-being services to the community. Acting as the hub, we are able to see and understand our clients’ challenges even when they can’t, and then navigate them to care solutions by guiding them to the right partners and resources with confidence and ease.

Because we believe two heads are better than one, The Health Partnership is committed to collaboration that strengthens the work of our community partners and non-duplication of existing serves. We lead the Yampa Valley Well-Being Consortium, a group that has been working since 2019 to improve and streamline care delivery in Northwest Colorado. We host collaborative care meetings to ensure people in our communities are connected to the right resources and have developed county-specific resource and referral lists for our network and clinical partners, available in English and Spanish.

We also host the Regional Health Connector (RHC), who supports local healthcare and service providers by connecting them to community resources that support the health of the people they serve. This can include connecting these organizations to medical, behavioral health, and other well-being resources, as well as funding and training opportunities for their organization. To learn more about the Regional Health Connector program, and how the RHC might support your organization, visit or contact Sarah Meade at


Our work is always evolving, if you see a need in the community or would like to partner with us, we would love to hear from you.

Yampa Valley Behavioral Health Landscape Analysis

Community Experiences, Perceptions, and Solutions


Yampa Valley Community members experience an array of strengths, challenges, needs, and gaps in the current set of behavioral health services and these experiences vary by identity and community membership. Three specific communities of focus in the Yampa Valley have been identified as traditionally underserved and overlooked by mental health supports, including youth and young adults; LGBTQ+ community in Moffat County; adult males who work in the Valley’s traditional economies, and Latinx-identifying members within these groups. Each of these communities of focus were identified through conversations with experts across the Yampa Valley and data that demonstrates the inequitable mental health burden impacting these communities.

Our team sought to identify and understand the gaps, opportunities, and strengths of behavioral health services and supports in the Yampa Valley.

The full report includes details on each of the themes presented above, and can be found here.

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